Privacy Policy and Delivery Information

Delivery Information

All orders will be delivered to the school, who will distribute to you / your child.

Please ensure you have provided the name of your child and their school class number on order checkout.

Privacy Policy

I, Patricia Bewsey, trading as Patricia Bewsey Designs, take your privacy seriously and I will always do my upmost to safeguard all of the information that you provide.

Data I collect from you

The personal information that I will ask you to provide includes your name, address, phone number, email address, computer IP address, the name of your child and their school class number.

This is the information I require to be able to verify that your use of my website, and any order placed, is legitimate, to process payment, to contact you if there is any problem with your order, and to deliver your order to the school class which your child attends.

How I use the data you have provided

Unless you opt to receive my newsletter, I will use your data solely for the purpose of fulfilling your order(s).

If you register an account with the online ordering website and then opt in to receiving my newsletter, I will use your email address to send you this, periodically. You will then be able to opt out of receiving my newsletter at any time.

I will not otherwise share your data with any third party, except in the unlikely event I am obliged to by law enforcement warrant or court order.

How long I keep your data

When you check out as a guest, I will only keep your information as long as I need to fulfill your order. Once your order has been delivered, or if it is cancelled, I will delete your contact information and order history from my database.

When you register an account, I will retain your information as long as you continue to hold an account with my online ordering website, or until you ask me to delete your data.

How to access and control your data

If you register an account with my online ordering system, you can log in to check or update your data at any time.

You can contact me at any time to request that I delete any information that I hold pertaining to you, i.e. your contact information and order history, subject to my completing fulfillment of, or cancelling, any undelivered orders placed by you.

I can also provide a copy of the personal data that I hold for you. I will post a copy of any personal data, pertaining to you, that I hold, on payment of an administration charge of £20, and on my receipt of formal proof of identity and address, from yourself.

Information Security

My website enforces strong TLS encryption to protect your data both in transmission, between my website / web server and your web browser / device, and when it is stored in my database.

Other than myself, only persons whom I have carefully verified and authorised will be granted any access to my online ordering system and its database, for the purposes of providing technical support or administrative assistance.


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